St.Luke’s Episcopal Hospital Sued for Disability Discrimination

Our law firm filed a lawsuit last month against St.Luke’s Episcopal Hospital of Houston. The lawsuit was filed for our client, a former employee of the hospital, who had worked there for 35 years. Rather than salute such a long-time employee, the lawsuit alleges that the hospital fired her because of her disability brought on by having cancer and other medical conditions.

Our client worked as a Senior Interviewer for Hospital Admissions at St. Luke’s. Due to her medical conditions, the lawsuit states that she made a few mistakes on paperwork. Our client says that other employees also made mistakes but were not disabled and were not fired. None of the mistakes were life-threatening, according to our client, yet the hospital chose to fire her allegedly as a pretext for disability discrimination.

The case was first brought to the EEOC, which is a federal agency charged with investigating complaints of employment discrimination. Once the EEOC finished its investigation, it issued a Right to Sue letter to our client, giving her the right to file the case in federal court.

The case is now pending in federal court in Houston, with a trial setting for April 2014.

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